(Tapas to share)
  • Tomato Taco with Avocado and Olive Dust
  • Coca with Pumpkin Jam and smoked Sardine smoked
  • Potato, vegetables and black garlic mayonnaise
  • Zamburiña with pickled Mussel cream and a touch of Yuzu
  • Figatell meet ball on Parmesan and tempura mushroom sauce


  • Lemon and Cava Sorbet

Main course

(Choose one)

  • Stuffed chicken thigh and Foiegras sauce
  • Low temperature confit rib with sauce
  • Monkfish with herbs and cauliflower cream
  • Leeks confit, Vichissoice, Toasted hazelnuts and and Edamame Sponge Cake
  • Asian Style Prawns with green Beans, Bacon and Couscous
  • Angus rib of beef in sauce


(Choose one)

  • Carrot Cake Cheese Frosting with marmalade and Meringue Milk ice-cream
  • "Cumbre" Cappuccino Crunchy
  • 70% Chocolate Mousse


All i oli bread

30€ per person 10% vat included

1/2 Bottle of wine per person or water, soft drink, beer